At Sunbury Dental House, we can restore your beautiful smile with modern implant technology.

Fixed Dental Implants in Sunbury, Gisborne & Diggers Rest

Sunbury Dental House proudly offers quality dental implants to local Sunbury, Gisborne & Diggers Rest residents.

Everyday activities such as talking and chewing can be made difficult if you are missing one or more teeth. While there are a number of ways to replace missing teeth, fixed dental implants are the best solution for restoring your beautiful smile.

The durable and long-lasting nature of implants means they are an ideal method for permanently replacing teeth. They are unnoticeable in the mouth, look identical to your natural teeth and do not need to be removed. Dental House offers implants to replace single missing teeth as well as whole mouth options for those who require more extensive treatment.

If you have dental extractions scheduled or you already have missing teeth, we look forward to discussing the options that will work best for you. Our team is here to answer all your questions about dental implant treatment and other tooth-replacement options. Please get in touch via our online form or call our dental clinic on (03) 9744-7470.