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Orthodontics for Children in Sunbury, Gisborne & Diggers Rest

Sunbury Dental House proudly offers quality orthodontics to local Sunbury, Gisborne & Diggers Rest residents

Children are our special guests. With the proper dental care, children today can expect to have healthy, beautiful smiles for a lifetime. We provide an early childhood orthodontic evaluation for each child beginning around age eight. Many orthodontic conditions are easier to address while children are still developing.

Space maintainers and palatal expanders allow us to guide children’s bone development while they are still growing. Use of these early childhood orthodontic treatments can eliminate the need for orthodontic extractions in the future and may reduce the length of secondary orthodontic treatment during their teen years.

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To learn more about how orthodontics can improve your smile and your oral health, contact our Sunbury dental clinic on (03) 9744-7470. Our team is dedicated to finding a solution that works best for you.