Sunbury Dental House can treat your gum disease and reveal your beautiful smile.

Gum Disease

Did you know that gum disease is one of the top reasons for tooth loss amongst adults? Gum disease is an infection of the gums surrounding the teeth. It leads to bad breath, bleeding gums and tooth decay. Fortunately, our dentist at Sunbury Dental House can help treat gum disease through periodontal treatment.

As it is often pain free, many patients are unaware that they have the disease and should heed the warning signs and seek treatment as soon as possible. The common signs that you may have this condition, include:

  • Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth
  • Red, tender, swollen gums
  • Gums that have pulled away from your teeth
  • Continuous bad breath or bad taste in your mouth
  • Pus between your teeth and gums
  • Loose or separating teeth
  • Your teeth fit together differently when you bite
  • Your dentures fit differently

Causes of Gum Disease

If you do not regularly floss, brush your teeth or have regular dental check-ups, plaque may begin to build and continue to create toxins that can negatively impact your gums. Plaque (a sticky form of bacteria that forms on your teeth), creates small pockets that divide your gums from your teeth, causing gum disease. While gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease, only affecting the tissues around the teeth in the early stage, periodontitis is much more serious as it can permanently affect the bones and tissues which support your teeth. If left untreated, you may begin to experience loose teeth.

Before you diagnose yourself with gum disease and begin seeking periodontal treatment, consult Sunbury Dental House and we will complete a comprehensive analysis of your existing gum health. The assessment will also comprise of determining your potential risk of developing periodontal disease and general dental health.

While it’s not easy to discover that you have an oral disease, our latest technology and level of expertise will ensure there is a safe and effective treatment for you. Get in contact with us via our online form or call our Sunbury office on (03) 9744-7470.